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Modelbuilder is a library for Generative Geometric Design in 3D.
Uses the JavaSound API to provide an easy-to-use audio library. A simple API while still providing a reasonable amount of flexibility for more advanced users.
Custom GUI elements with the ability to show/hide and move while the program is running. This library is highly recommended.
Picking aims at providing an easy-to-use library to enable picking in Processing sketches.
Highly customizable and full featured library for creation of interactive 3D scenes.
Extends 2D geometry operations to facilitate generative geometry. Includes a TrueType font interpreter.
A library for exploring and creating Lindenmayer Systems in 2D and 3D.
Simple particle system physics engine. No collisions, just particles, springs, gravity & drag.
BoxWrap2D runs on top of JBox2D enabling simple integration of JBox2D with Processing.
A wrapper for JBox2D, a 2D physics engine.
Hemesh is an implementation of a half-edge datastructure for manipulating 3D meshes.
Code for audio (JOAL), working with geometry, image filters, optimized math functions, and more.