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  • /**
     * Loop. 
     * The loop() function causes draw() to execute
     * continuously. If noLoop is called in setup()
     * the draw() is only executed once. In this example
     * click the mouse to execute loop(), which will
     * cause the draw() the execute continuously. 
    // The statements in the setup() function 
    // execute once when the program begins
    void setup() 
      size(300, 300);  // Size should be the first statement
    float y = 100;
    // The statements in draw() are run until the 
    // program is stopped. Each statement is run in 
    // sequence and after the last line is read, the first 
    // line is run again.
    void draw() 
      stroke( random(255), random(255), random(255), 200 ); 
      line(0, random (0,300), width, y);  
      line(0, y, width, random (20,200)); 
    void mousePressed() 


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    Carina Schweitzer

    loop example

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