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  • //variable declaration 
    int hrs;//hours
    int mins;//minutes
    int sec;//seconds
    int mills;// milliseconds across the life of the app
    int milliSec;//my janky verson of mills constricting it to 1 second at a time
    float hrsToCol;//map hrs to color
    float minsToCol;//map mins to color
    float secToCol;//map sec to color
    color filler;//mapped color
    float[] scaleXY;//scaling of the squares for pulsating feeling--this will be generated from the returnScaleXY() function
    void setup() {
      size(325, 325);
    void draw() {
     // print(frameCount);
      //set the values of time here to get new values every time the draw() is called
      hrs = hour();
      mins = minute();
      sec = second();
      mills = millis();
      //this uses the modulus to confine the millis() function to milliseconds
      //every second as opposed to millisecons since the start of the program
      milliSec = mills %  1000;
      //this is an array that is being populated by a function that returns an array from 2 parameters
      scaleXY = returnScaleXY(float(milliSec/20), float(milliSec/20));
      //squares this double for loop generates the grid of squares
      for(int k= 0; k<width; k+=30) {
        for (int l = 0; l<height; l+=30) {
          rect(k, l, scaleXY[0], scaleXY[1]);
    //function to map hours seconds and minutes into color
    color timeToColor() {
      float hrsToColor = map(hrs, 0, 23, -1, -256);//mapping hrs to color
      float minsToColor = map(mins, 0, 59, -1, -256);//mapping mins to color
      float secToColor = map(sec, 0, 59, -1, -256);//mapping secs to color
      float mainColor = hrsToColor * minsToColor * secToColor;
      return int(mainColor);// cast as int to fit into the fill() function
    //function to return the scaled width and height of the squares
    float[] returnScaleXY(float xnumber, float ynumber) {  
      //these number is going to be a scaling down 
      float xnum; 
      float ynum;
      if(xnumber >= 25) {
        //if its greater than the half way point 
        //getting a negative value here to scale back down to 0  
        xnum = (49-xnumber) * -1;
      else {
        // if xnumber is 0 to 24 let it pass into the returned array 
        xnum = xnumber; //
      if(ynumber >= 25) {
        ynum = (49-ynumber) * -1;
      else {
        ynum = ynumber;
      float[] widthHeight = new float[2];
      widthHeight[0] = xnum;
      widthHeight[1] = ynum;
      return widthHeight;


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