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  • class Drop {//create a object
      PVector pos;//positon of the drop
      PVector vel;//velocity of the drop
      color c;//colour of the drop
      float s; //size
      Drop (PVector _pos, color _c, float _s){//function--"constructor"-makes the drop
         pos = _pos;//take the incoming information and store it
         c = _c;
         s = _s;
         vel = new PVector (0,0);
       void render(){ 
         fill(0,80,200,100);//fill the drop 
         ellipse(pos.x,pos.y,s,s);//draw the drop on the screen
         //draw a drop
       void move(){//make drops move
          pos.add(vel);//add the velocity vector to our position
          PVector gravity = new PVector(0, 0.1);//create a new vector--gravity
          vel.add(gravity);//add gravity vector 
    ArrayList Drops = new ArrayList(); //a bucket to store the drops
    Drop D;// the Drop in the second tap
    boolean drawdrop = true;//set up the boolean of the drawdrop
    PImage faucet; //stores image
    void setup() {
      size(580,640);//set the size of the frame
      background(238,238,238);//set the colour of the background
      faucet = loadImage("faucet.jpg");//load the image in the data
    void draw() {
      image(faucet,40,40,520,600); //drow the image
      for(int i=0;i<Drops.size();i++) { //iterate over our ArrayList
        Drop D = (Drop)Drops.get(i); //get one Drop out
        D.move(); //move the drop
        D.render(); //draw the drop
      if (mousePressed == true) {
        drawdrop=false;//if the mouse is pressed, stop drawing the drop
      else {
        drawdrop= true;//otherwise, keep drawing the drops
      if (frameCount%20 == 0 && drawdrop==true) {//set the drops keep moving
        Drop D = new Drop(new PVector(70,235),color(0,0,0),40);//set up the PVector of the new drop
        Drops.add(D);//add new drops 
    void keyPressed(){ //this runs when a key is pressed
    save("wallpaper.jpg"); // save a file


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    Anaer Anaer

    water drops

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    Using class function to store a drop and using array lists to make more drops move

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