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    void setup () {
    size (480, 120);// the size of the canvas is 480 pixels wide by 120 pixels high
    smooth();// the difined shapes are smooth and not roughly pixelated
    fill(255);//the fill of the ellipse is whits
    stroke(102);// line stroke is gray
    background(0); // background is black
    void draw() {
      background(0);//this generates a new background every frame
      for(int y = 20; y<=height-20; y+=10){// a simple array for the y axis that terminates at the height of the void
      for (int x = 20; x <=width-20; x+=10){// a simple array for the x axis that terminates at the width of the void
     ellipse (x,y,4,4); //ellipses placed along the array defined above with diameters of 4 pixels in either direction
     line(x,y,mouseX,mouseY);//a line with its first point defined by the array and its second point defined by the position ofthe mouse


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    Alex Gray

    submission part 1 Grid

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    this is an example of a simple array outlined in a grid and then the mouse interacting with the grid.

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