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  • Andrea_2.pde
  • float R, P; 
    void setup(){ 
      R=35;  // variable 1
      P=20;  // variable 2
    void draw(){ 
      background (0); 
      for(float y=  R/2; y <= height-R; y += P*3){ 
        for (float x = R*2; x <=width-R; x += P){ 
          float T; 
       T= 130 - sqrt((mouseX - x)*(mouseX - x)+(mouseY - y)*(mouseY -y)); 
          fill(mouseX,mouseY, 150, 200); 
          ellipse(x, y, T, 90/T);   
          fill(mouseX, mouseY, 70, 200);
          ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, T/100, T/100);
    fill(147, 7, 68, 100); 
    triangle(y, x , T, T, T, T); // Crea un tipo de malla, similar a un destello de luz


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    Andrea Olmos de Aguilera Corradini

    Luz infiltrada

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    En la esquina superior izquierda se manifiesta una pequeña luz que ilumina el cuadro oscuro, con un patrón al centro.

    pablo reveco
    14 Jul 2009
    te quedó rebien
    26 Jul 2009
    I'm not sure what I'm looking at, but it's cool... The surrounding cirlce is marked out with some sort of alien code! :o)
    Thank you! =)
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