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  • int i,x,y,w=256,b;void draw(){if((i++%2222)<1)for(y=0;y<w;y++)for(x=0;x<w;x++)set(x,y,(int)random(0xFCFCFC));filter(BLUR);b=4;blend(0,0,w,w,b,b,w-1-b-b,w-1-b-b,512);filter(DILATE);filter(ERODE);}


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    Warp speed

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    Modified version of Blur&Posterize by Jerome Saint-Clair:

    nick bennett
    14 Aug 2009
    Interesting! I love the colors and sharp falloff to black. What is the variable 'i' initialized to that allows you to increment it in the if() statement?
    15 Aug 2009
    I think i, and other variables start from zero.

    void setup(){size(w,w);}
    int i,x,y,w=256,b;
    void draw(){
    Algirdas Rascius
    23 Aug 2009
    Very interesting!

    I suggest to to change condition "if(i++&lt;1)" to "if(i++%500==0)" or something similar to automatically restart with random dots.
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