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  • int x,y,w,h,i;float d=.01;void setup(){size(w=450,h=150,P2D);}void draw(){for(y=h;--y>=0;)for(x=w;--x>=0;){set(x,y,sin(i*d*d+dist(x,y,mouseX,mouseY)/4*noise(x*d,y*d+d*d*d*i--))>.5?0xffffff:0);}}


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    Ryan Alexander
    Jim Fleming
    13 Aug 2009
    Very cool
    14 Aug 2009
    guess we all lose the contest now ;)
    nick bennett
    14 Aug 2009
    We all win by seeing this one.
    Kyle McDonald
    15 Aug 2009
    I like the phrases "size(w=450,h=150,P2D);" and "for(x=w;--x>=0;)". Two very nice tricks.
    Guigui plus+
    17 Aug 2009
    The best way to learn Perlin noise 8^)
    17 Aug 2009
    I could watch this for hours!
    very nice! time to try disassemble this.
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