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  • // the composition doesnt represent architecture as such but a part of it.
    //the whole idea was to generate the void and solid effect which can be used in elevation
    //as facade or maybe in plan to link a cluster of solid to another
    void setup () {
      size (300, 300);
    float count=3000; //variable to play with the number of rectangles
    float num=3050; 
    float rectCenter;
    void draw () {
      rectCenter=random(30, 290);        //  to randomize the centre of rectangle
      if (count < num) {
        if (count%10 ==0) { // centre of the rectangle to be spaced at an interval of 10
          fill (16, 64, random(0, 150), random(90, 100));
          rectMode (CENTER);
          rect(count*width/num, rectCenter, random(5, 15), 10); 
          // high variation in the width and height is not what i was aiming at. 
          // simple geometry to be read in architecture
        else {


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    Yashika Gulati

    3.2 Homework

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    Pattern of solid and void to mainly focus of skin of the building.

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