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  • Marquee.pde
  • /*Marquee tile image - based on the myPic dot filter,
    but utilizing rectangles instead of circles. Plus, brightness AND
    color are both variables in this version.
    PImage img;
    void setup() {
      img = loadImage("Marquee.JPG");
    int block = 28;
    //changing this number seems to adjust the level of brightness/black block noise in unexpected ways.
    void draw(){
      for(int y=block; y<=332; y+=block){
        for(int x=block; x <=499; x+=block){
          color blockFill = color(img.pixels[x+(y*500)]);
          //took me some time to figure out that the variable here needed to be 500 rather than 499
          float blockDim = block *(brightness(img.pixels[x+(y*300)])/255);
          //Some random blockDims in brighter areas (like the blue sky) Only happens in certain block sizes.
          //But I like the effect.


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    chris steude

    Marquee Tiles

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    Taken from an image of a movie marquee in Georgetown, SC. Simple tiling/mosaic system. A little larger than the 300x300 prescribed size, but I felt reducing the size from either the right or left side would upset the balance of the image (in other words, screwing up the blue to non-blue relationship of the colors.)

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