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  • int h,a,i,r=500;void draw(){smooth();a-=mouseX-r/2;i-=mouseY-r/2;for(background(h=-1);++h<r;)for(float y=h,x=noise(y)*r,n,c=0;++c<9;line(x,y,x+=sin(n)*9,y+=cos(n)*9))n=noise((x+a/9)/99,(y+i/9)/99)*6;}


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    This sketch is running as Java applet, exported from Processing.



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    This is amazing! looks like a comic strip being drawn live!
    Rick Brauer
    26 Aug 2009
    That is definitely impressive. A level beyond mine. I had envisioned doing mouse scrolling but never got the execution down.
    Hernan G
    27 Aug 2009
    the code is great and funny.
    You left the dog out in a hurricane!
    Poor boy hahahha
    31 Aug 2009
    pretty cool :)
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