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    PShape h=new PShapeSVG(new XMLElement(split(param("archive"),".jar,")[3].replaceAll("[(]","<").replaceAll("[)]",">")));


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    This sketch is running as Java applet, exported from Processing.



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    Luis Gonzalez

    Vector Hearts

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    Heart SVG art by Jon Phillips:
    <a href="http://luis.net/projects/processing/tinysketch/heart/heart_left-highlight_jon_01.svg">heart_left-highlight_jon_01.svg</a> 4,267 bytes
    courtesy of <a href="http://openclipart.org/">http://openclipart.org/</a>

    No External files used. The SVG Data is stored as a parameter. It was manually optimized to fit in the "imports" form field of 440 bytes.

    Luis Gonzalez
    14 Sep 2009
    Parameter use is legal because it is a core function of processing. Other sketches exclude "void setup()" function and are relying on parameters to set HEIGHT and WIDTH. ARCHIVE is no different.
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