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  • //Zena Koo
    //Intro to Computational Media
    //Week 6 assignment: arrays with loops, objects
    //ITP NYU
    Comet[] comets = new Comet[50]; // array of 50 comets/objects
    void setup() {
      size(600, 600);
      for (int i = 0; i <comets.length; i ++) {  //initializing each comet with for loop
        comets[i]=new Comet(color(#FFD603,60),0,i*2,i/10.0,i/50.0);  //yellow comets
    void draw() {
      background(#0D2A50); //midnight blue background color
      for (int i=0; i<comets.length; i++){
    class Comet { // only need one class. 
      color c;
      float xpos;
      float ypos;
      float xspeed;
     float yspeed;
     float gravity=0.05;;
      Comet(color tempC, float tempXpos, float tempYpos, float tempXspeed, float tempYspeed) { // The Constructor is defined with arguments.
        c = tempC;
        xpos = tempXpos;
        ypos = tempYpos+gravity;
        xspeed = tempXspeed;
        yspeed = tempYspeed;
      void display() {
        ellipse(xpos, ypos, 200, 280);
        if (mouseX>width/2 && mouseY<height/2){  //if mouse in top right corner
         c=color(#FF8503,50); //orange ellipses
        else if (mousePressed==true){
         c=color(#11F274,50); //mint color ellipses
          c=color(#FFD603,60); //back to yellow
      void move() {
        xpos = xpos + xspeed;
        if (xpos > width) {
          xpos = 0;
          c=color(#EB00FC,50); //occasional magenta ellipse (why is it so seldom drawn when if-else
          //back to yellow statement in display is called?)
        else {


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    Zena Koo

    ICM. Arrays with loops and objects. Take II.

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    I built upon my sketch from last week for this assignment on arrays. I was nearly done when I thought I'd add a println command to see what happened. It crashed Processing on my computer, erasing my work. This is my second attempt at this . The ellipses are not so much comets anymore. Try pressing the mouse and also try putting the mouse in the upper right corner.

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