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  • //uncomment out to save framesfloat xStart, xNoise, yNoise;
    void setup () {
      size(533, 300);
    void draw() {
      for (int y = -50; y<=height;y+=10) {
    //    saveFrame("noise-####.tif"); //uncomment out to save frames
        yNoise +=0.1+(random(.5));
        xNoise = random(map(y, -50, width, 0, 255));
        for (int x = -50;x<=width;x+=10) {
          xNoise +=0.1+(random(.5));
          stroke(0, 255);
          fill(random(yNoise)+yNoise*2, random(xNoise)+xNoise*2, random(yNoise)+xNoise*2, 10);
          stroke(0, map(y, -50, width, 0, 255)-100);
    //      saveFrame("noise2-####.tif"); //uncomment out to save frames
          drawPoint(round(random(width)), round(random(height)), noise(xNoise, yNoise));
          yNoise = random(map(x, -50, width, 0, 255));
      xStart = random(100);
      int y = round(random(-50, height));
      int x = round(random(-50, width));
    void drawPoint(float x, float y, float noiseCX) {
      for (int j=0; j<=100;j++) {
        float l = 30*noiseCX+(random(1000)/j+10);
        rect(x, y, l, l);


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    EJ Posselius plus+

    Perlin Background Generator

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    An albeit slow Perlin noise background generator. Run on your system to save files.

    Any advice on how to speed this up and/or save more frames would be greatly appreciated!

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