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  • void setup() {
      size(640, 400);
    void draw() {
      float a = map(mouseX, 0, width, 0, 100);
      float diameter = map(mouseY, 0, height, 1, 50);
      fill(#5CD6E3, a);
      if (mousePressed && (mouseButton == LEFT)) {
        ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, diameter, diameter);
      else if (mousePressed && (mouseButton == RIGHT)) {
      else {
        // Do Nothing


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    This sketch is running in HTML5 using Processingjs.



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    David Smith

    Hello World

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    My first processing sketch. Wanted to play with different opacities for a later project.

    Click to draw circles. Circles are bigger and less transparent towards the bottom right.

    Right click to clear screen.

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