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  • //Mauricio Orantes
    //Eyes Balls Exercise
    int y;
    int x;
    // new set of commands for change of color 
    int Irx;//Interruption for X
    int Iry;//Interuption for Y
    color value=#FF6600;
    //setup here
    void setup() {
      size(500, 500);
      //noLoop();//This will mess you up! DO NOT INCLUDE IF YOU WANT SOMETHING TO MOVE! 
    //draw here
    void draw() {
      for (int x=10; x<500; x=x+20) {
        for (int y=10; y<500; y=y+20) {
          ellipse(x, y, 20, 20);//for the eyeballs
    for (int x=10; x<500; x=x+20){
       for (int y=10; y<500; y=y+20){
       for (int x=10; x<500; x=x+20){
         for (int y=10; y<500; y=y+20){
     if(mouseX>=1 && mouseX<=500){
      println("X=" + mouseX); //prints the line for X
         if(mouseY >=1 && mouseY <=500){
            println("Y=" + mouseY); //print the line for Y
      } else { println("you're not on the screen"); }
    }// END OF DRAW
    //}  // fill(#ffffff);
       //} attempting to get it to change color
     void mouseMoved() {
      value = value * 50;
      if (value <= #999933) {
        value = #FF6600;


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    Eyeball Rollover

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    the eyeballs fill in a 500 x 500 space that begins with one color of the iris and changes when the mouse rolls over and includes a mouse X and Y printline

    Consider dumping the prinln statements once you're done debugging things, Mauricio -- they really don't contribute anything to the end-user's experience.

    Also: Attend to naming of variables using conventions we've discussed: irX, irY, colorValue, etc.
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