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  • Sam_H_3rd_Asgnmnt.pde
  • size (400,400);
    background (40,40,200);
    smooth ();
    strokeWeight (2);
    strokeCap (ROUND);
    int x=80;
    fill (40,100,170,255);
    rect (x,240,40,90);
    rect (x-40,140,60,70);
    int z=290;
    int y=250;
    fill (0,200,255);
    rect (z+40,225,y-350,100);
    stroke (225,255);
    fill (250,90,90, 210);
    ellipse (z-100,y-65,z-65,y-25);
    strokeWeight (3);
    stroke (10,200);
    line (z-150,y-230,z+50,y-60);
    int t=10;
    int p=10;
    strokeWeight (2);
    stroke (255,240);
    line (20*t,45*p,23*t,33*p);
    line (13*t,38*p,16*t,26*p);
    line (9*t,34*p,12*t,22*p);
    line (8*t,33*p,11*t,21*p);
    line (7.5*t,32.5*p,10.5*t,20.5*p);


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    Sam H As. 3a,b,c,e

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