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  • // Pressing Control-R will render this sketch.
    float rx, ry;    // rectangle x- and y-coordinate
    float rd = 100;  // rectangle width
    float ex, ey;    // ellipse x- and y-coordinate
    float ed = 106;  // ellipse diameter
    void setup() {
      size(640, 360);
      // Set the x- and y-coordinates for the rectangle
      rx = width * 0.33 - rd/2;
      ry = height * 0.5 - rd/2;
      // Set the x- and y-coordinates for the ellipse
      ex = width * 0.66;
      ey = height * 0.5;
    void draw() {
     background(0, 0, 0);
          if ((mouseX>=rx)&&(mouseX<=rx+100)&&(mouseY>height * 0.5 - rd/2)&&(mouseY<height * 0.5 + rd/2)){background(239, 101, 68);}
          if ((mouseX<=ex+53)&&(mouseX>ex-53)&&(mouseY<=ey+53)&&(mouseY>ey-53)){background(61, 139, 214);}
      rect(rx, ry, rd, rd); ellipse(ex, ey, ed, ed);


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    Anika Niazi

    workshop 3

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    6 Jul 2012
    The workshop assignment required you to "Design a reaction when the mouse moves over a rectangle and design a different action when the mouse moves over a circle." Your code now had the same action for both the ellipse and the rectangle (change the background color), please update your code to fulfill the workshop requirements.
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