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  • sketch_jul19b.pde
  • PImage a;
    PImage b;
    PImage c;
    PImage d;
    PImage e;
    PImage f;
    PImage g;
    PImage h;
    PImage i;
    PImage j; // stars
    PImage k;
    PImage l;
    PImage m;
    PImage n;
    PImage o;
    PImage p;
    void setup() {
      size(600, 300);
      a = loadImage("1.png");
      b = loadImage("2.png");
      c = loadImage("3.png");
      d = loadImage("4.png");
      e = loadImage("5.png");
      f = loadImage("6.png");
      g = loadImage("7.png");
      h = loadImage("8.png");
      i = loadImage("spaceshuttle2.png");
      j = loadImage("9.png");
      k = loadImage("10.png");
      l = loadImage("11.png");
      m = loadImage("12.png");
      n = loadImage("13.png");
      o = loadImage("14.png");
      p = loadImage("15.png");
    void draw() {
      float xa = random(width); //pencil
      float xb = random(width);
      float xc = random(width);
      float xd = random(width);
      float xe = random(width);
      float xf = random(width);
      float xg = random(width);
      float xh = random(width);
      float xj = random(width); //star
      float xk = random(width);
      float xl = random(width);
      float xm = random(width);
      float xn = random(width);
      float xo = random(width);
      float xp = random(width);
      float ya = random(height); //pencil
      float yb = random(height);
      float yc = random(height);
      float yd = random(height);
      float ye = random(height);
      float yf = random(height);
      float yg = random(height);
      float yh = random(height);
      float yj = random(height); //star
      float yk = random(height);
      float yl = random(height);
      float ym = random(height);
      float yn = random(height);
      float yo = random(height);
      float yp = random(height);
      float shuttlesize = random(20, 60);
      float shuttle_y = random(150, 250);
      float starsize = random(40, 150);
      image(j, xj, yj, starsize, starsize);
      image(k, xk, yk, starsize, starsize);
      image(l, xl, yl, starsize, starsize);
      image(m, xm, ym, starsize, starsize);
      image(n, xn, yn, starsize, starsize);
      image(o, xo, yo, starsize, starsize);
      image(p, xp, yp, starsize, starsize);
      image(a, xa, ya);
      image(b, xb, yb);
      image(c, xc, yc);
      image(d, xd, yd);
      image(i, 300, shuttle_y, shuttlesize, shuttlesize *2.9666);
      image(e, xe, ye);
      image(f, xf, yf);
      image(g, xg, yg);
      image(h, xh, yh);


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    Shoichi Betsuyaku

    workshop 5

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