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  • float h;
    float m;
    float s;
    float t1;
    float t2;
    float t3;
    void setup(){
      size (500, 500);
      h = hour();
      m = minute();
      s = second();
    void draw (){
      background (50);
      fill (18, 245, 255);
      arc (width/2, height/2, width/2, height/2, TWO_PI-PI/2, (TWO_PI-PI/2)+(TWO_PI/12+h) );  
      fill (100, 0, 200);
      arc (width/2, height/2, 150, 150, TWO_PI-PI/2, (TWO_PI-PI/2)+(TWO_PI/60 +m));
      fill (128, 255, 18);
      arc (width/2, height/2, 100, 100, (TWO_PI-PI/2), ((TWO_PI/60)+s));
      t1=map(hour(), 0, h, 0, (TWO_PI-(12-h))); 
      t2=map(minute(), 0, m, 0, (TWO_PI-(60-m)));
      t3=map(second(), 0, s, 0, (TWO_PI-(TWO_PI/60-s)));


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    albert kim

    clock that doesn't work

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    still working through this code, not functional yet

    13 Aug 2012
    take a look at how Yili worked with the arc
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