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  • // This is a Warm Color Scheme Arc
    //set start fill() color as yellow : Hue = PI/3;
    float startFill;
    // set start drawing arc from angle PI
    float startAngle;
    // set how many arcs are drawn
    int step;
    float stepLength;
    float centerX;
    float centerY;
    float pSize;
    float pAngle;
    float pFill;
    float bValue;
    void setup(){
      size(250, 250);
      colorMode(HSB, 2*PI, 100, 100);
    void draw(){
      step = 10;
      centerX = width/2;
      centerY = height/2;
      startFill = PI + PI/3;
      startAngle = PI;
      stepLength = PI/step;
      pSize = width;
      pAngle = startAngle + 3*stepLength;
      pFill = startFill + 3*stepLength;
      bValue = 100;
      // draw arcs
      for(int i=0; i< 2* step; i++){
        fill(startFill, 85, 100);
        arc(centerX, centerY, width-10, width-10, startAngle, startAngle+stepLength);
        startFill = startFill + stepLength;
        startAngle = startAngle + stepLength;
        if (startFill > 2* PI){
          startFill = startFill - 2 * PI;
     // draw center circle that blocks the center of the arcs
      ellipse(centerX, centerY, 200, 200);
      //saturation pointer that follows mouse cursor, 
      //in this demonstration there's no mouse interaction, demo only
     for(int i=0; i<step; i++){
        fill(pFill, bValue, 100);
        arc(centerX, centerY, pSize, pSize, pAngle, pAngle+stepLength);
        bValue = bValue - 100/step;
        pSize = pSize - (width)/step;


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    Shanfan Huang

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