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fixed some issues on Seth's sketch

LeapJS Test

Testing Leap JS on OpenProcessing

Fill/Stroke Reset bug

Stroke and StrokeWeight doesn't seem to be persistent, and looks like they reset on each draw loop.

Jittery bugs OOP

Object Oriented Way of drawing some jittery bugs


Exploring some drawing brush options using p5js. Inspired by Marius Watz's sketch 14231.

Brush: Rectangles

Exploring some drawing brush options using p5js. Inspired by Marius Watz's sketch 14231.

My Sketch

Exploring some drawing brush options using p5js. Inspired by Marius Watz's sketch 14231.

Twk: Abstract01js - fullscreen

Tweaking Marius's sketch to test some features on the new OpenProcessing. #fullScreen

User input via javascript test

This sketch is to show how you can use javascript to ask for user input in the sketch.

Twk: Aufgabe4 moderne Uhr

This sketch is supposed to display additional elements but processingjs seems to crash while compiling. I will submit a report to processingjs team to see if they have a solution/fix.

Twk: Colorymini

this is a tweak test of colorymini

GridNoise3D in Canvas!

This is a tweak of Joshua Davis's sketch. I changed it to OPENGL (since P3D doesn't work on browsers) to make it work in HTML5 canvas element using processing.js. I had to decrease the number of dots because the performance was very poor.

The Work of an Obsessive Compulsive
Pessimist Painter

Tweaked it with some randomness. This made it feel more live performance than a timelapse I think.

The Work of an Obsessive Compulsive
Pessimist Painter

I did this while randomly trying some other thing. This extremely simple sketch looked like some guy trying to sketch some lines over and over. As if he doesn't like what he likes.

Interesting thing is, changing the two variables (frameRate and lines) have drastic changes on the mood the sketch creates.


A sketch that takes users to an experience of creating a tree, the leaves, and being a wind that blows the winds away.


I created a tweak of mitchell whitelaw's sketch. Increased the threshold to make the networking effect more visible and made the line colors dependent on distance to the connection.


This is a tweak of Raven Kwoks's sketch. Made the layout landscape and increased the particle amount and damper width to make it slightly more colorful and playful. Performance suffered though...

Swirlies in HTML5

Html5 version of Swirlies by Tymm.

Performance drops a lot if you increase the SIZEW, SIZEH

viz test on processing.js

Testing a visualization on processing.js.

Sugar buildings in HTML5

To see if it is going to work in HTML5, I just copy pasted the code of Sugar Buildings by Jean-no:
Performance is not too bad unless there are more than 100 blocks, but probably depends on the computer

matrix extended

I was wondering to use this as a background on underConstruction page on the website. Slightly modified version of by Mike Y.

sugar buildings for bus-tops

Original code belongs to Jean-no, I just copy pasted the code of Sugar Buildings, and changed the color, dimensions and framerate for bus-tops competition:

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Press 'r' to restart.
Click on any branch to see sub-branches.

Leaf Experience

A project I did when I was at ITP.

webcam test

This is a test sketch on a project to bring live webcam input into canvas element, through Adobe Flash.


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