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My function machine

An example built to explore the concepts of function as a metaphor in programming

The final for transformation

I decided to take a new turn and make the butterflys determine what the track is doing, so now each butterfly changes the sound track in a different way, and depending on how many there are the sound changes.


Moving from the sinQuad to the sinButterfly

The Plants

This was the intial design, I wanted to keep it simple and elegant I think it would be a good idea to experiement with the colours.

The Plants

And finally, I repeated the pattern, but this time overlayed some colours and experiemented with different lines and shades, giving quite a plesant shade of purple.

The Plants

I decided to add in some more colours but bring it back to a more simply version, the effect was quite pleasing

The plants

I wanted to see what it would look like if the pattern became busy and repetitive, I really liked the result.
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