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Snow v0.1 - A Bullet Control Game

Press "g" to start on title screen. Mouse controls.

A quick game sketch exploring the relationship between money, risk, and death. Based on Chris Rock's idea of "bullet control":

Instead of spamming the fire button, this game requires doing exactly the opposite - calculating risk and reward in real-time, when every bullet fired costs you dearly, and your targets are always unpredictable.

You get more money for killing enemies sooner, but your chances of missing increase accordingly. Basic upgrades can be purchased with enough money saved up.

Sandbox v0.1

A visual sandbox based on meandering threads.

Keyboard controls:

d/c = increase/decrease Red channel
f/v = increase/decrease Green channel
g/b = increase/decrease Blue channel
[ = reduce randomness
] = increase randomness
q/w = decrease/increase shape size
` = toggle background black/white
p = pause
s = save still image
space = restart

Tanager (v0.5)

Visual system for data visualization and music accompaniment...still in development but here's an early version.

(1) Decrease speed + size
(2) Reset default speed + size
(3) Increase speed + size
(B) Toggle black/white background
(F) Fixed vs. mouse-controlled
(H) Shape mode: Bird/arc, circle, square, line segment
(M) Run-mode: Linear vs. radial
(N) Fade mode: clear-opaque or opaque-clear
(P) Pause
(S) Speed mod: Linear vs. Chaotic/random
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