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Move the mouse. :)

motion Circles

// Based on Processing Handbook EX 32-04

Testing web functionality of the P5 interface.

circle doodler

Mousebuttons to draw circles, dragging the mouse faster will result in larger circles.

Holding Up or Downarrow while inside the applet will change the colour.

Keys 1 to 0 to reset and change bg colour.

triangular rotation

Left, right and center mouesbutton to create shapes.

Those randomly appearing numbers represent the current framerate.

Up/Downarrow to change colour.

N or M to change colour without visible feedback.

A, R and L while having the cursor inside the applet for weird results.

1 to 0 to reset and change the background colour.

Rotating Quads

Left mousebutton to create white shapes.
Right mousebutton to create black shapes.

Hit any key to reset.

Colour Carousel

Left and right mousebutton to create shapes.
Middle mousebutton to set background colour to white.
Any key to set the background colour to black.

Hold down either mousebutton for a bit.
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