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Retrograde Motion Example

A good example of how to see retrograde motion between the earth and another planet.

Under the Sea

A Submarine Game By Joshua Moody

Note: *Incomplete
This is still in the works

Isn't ideal to run on OpenProcessing so copy the code into Processing to use.

Bloom 2.0

A fun visualizer tied in with the Mouse


Click Mouse: changes suns direction
Press J: Snow
Press K: Rain
Press L: Tornado

Thank You: Paul Way, Henry Oman, Alexzandra Morris & Wyatt Tarabochia

Music: Badlands by Bruce Springsteen

Note: *If the program lags a lot copy the source code and play through processing.

Sound meets 3-D

A mix of 3-D and sound to create a visual beat.

Star Wars Title

Text utilizing 3-D recreates the iconic opening from the Star Wars movies.

Neon Soccer Pong

The Classic game of Pong, hit-tests and Key-pressed functions F.T.W.


A classic game with and Arraylist


Although not O.O.P. this sketch runs many functions and loops to still create the ever so popular game of Crosshair

Porthole with Bubbles

A distance formula helps keep all bubbles outside the scope invisible while a fun little loop keeps the submersible fun going on and on

Random Lines

Random lines with a cool transparencies

Solar System

Angular Movement and a nice array with classes


An array and a loop make simple dots look like winter wonderland

The Unit Circle

Demonstrating a few nice features included in processing such as "degrees to radians" and angular movement

Halley's Comet

Finding the location of pixels in the array of a picture allows you to do a few neat things, including this, making the color 10X the pixel size

3-D Cube

Rotation and Lighting in 3-D

Font Fun

An easy way to understand fonts, how they work and how to make them move

Target Function

A function that lets you place a target on screen and determine how many circles appear in it.

The Matrix

With a simple loop, a few characters used in an array, some Y movement and a fun color scheme you've got the Matrix

UFO invades your Personal Computer

Note: *OpenProcessing doesn't have camera support so copy the source code into processing for some fun invasions of your desktop

Ghost Moody

can you find the moody ghost?

Fishy Game

Small fish eats small fish and then bigger fish
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