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Problem Set #3 - Question 05

Use any of the techniques you've learned to create a visual composition that goes from order to chaos.

Problem Set #3 - Question 04

Use arrays and loops to create an animated composition that evokes complexity.

Problem Set #3 - Question 03

Remix. Choosing an example you have to change it to your own.
Used "Letters" example (from reference)
Suppose to say "SMILE"

Problem Set #3 - Question 02

Expand on question 01 and use arrays to form 25 balls.

Problem Set #3 - Question 01

Re-structure the bouncing ball using a class

Problem Set #2 - Question 06

Use your new class from question 5 to create two instances of your cute/evil thing.

Problem Set #2 - Question 05

Modify your answer to PS 1, question 3 (the representational picture) so that your object is programmed using a class.

Problem Set #2 - Question 04

Write a function that determines if two rectangles overlap and returns a boolean value to indicate the

Problem Set #2 - Question 03

Modify your brush from #2 so that the pattern varies over time as well.

Problem Set #2 - Question 02

Create a function that draws a
pattern at a given (x, y) position.

Problem Set #2 - Question 01

Write a small program with the
intention of demonstrating the use of LerpColor();

Problem Set #1 - 06

Create a composition that evokes symmetry. Using loops.

Problem Set #1 - Question 05

Draw an 8x8 checker board, using loops and conditionals.

Problem Set #1 - Question 03

Modify your picture so that it changes according to the mouse position and only when the
mouse button is pressed.
With my picture of the cat, I've decided when you press the nose the colour changes from grey to white.

Problem Set #2 - Question 02

Create a picture (either cute or evil) while using simple geometric shapes.
I've decided to make a cat (cute).

Problem Set #1 - Question 01

Evoke an emotion by using 5 circles or dots.
The emotion I was trying to portray was happiness. Using bright colours and different sizes for the circles I created bubbles. When you think of bubbles, you think about your childhood and how playing with bubbles brings joy to you.
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