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I made this simple java program from scratch to serve as an infographic. I decided to only include one fact so that the user could just have fun with the interface and hopefully want to learn more.
I got the data from NCES.

Second Homework different version

Same as the mousefollowing one, but when you click, the lightness of the type is dependent on how far the mouse is from where you last clicked, and the letters distance from where your mouse is. If that makes sense.

Second Homework Part Three

q-o - type size
a-s - type justifiction
z-x - text column going up or down

MouseFollowing TypeFace

This sketch pulls words found around providence, as well at typefaces at random from arrays, and then sizes and colors these three-word combinations based on where they are in relation to the mouse.
If you want to just see one three word sequence at a time, hold the left mouse button.
If at anytime you would like to halt the program, press the space bar - but beware! It will permanently stop the program until you hit refresh.

Popping Circles (For website)

This code came from scratch. The goal was to try to create a playful environment. Click and drag the circles until they pop!

Cold-Seeking Font Sights

I made this sketch from scratch. The color and size of the font is affected by the mouse - the words and fonts are selected at random from an array.

Popping circles

I made this code 100% from scratch. One stretches circles until they pop.
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