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Dan Olson


Procedural code--
Java implementation behaves different.

Random Quadrilateral

Algorithm based on coordinate system.


Quick idea I came up with.

84' Visualizer

Main features:
random timer to switch scenes
random booleans to switch functions
random color

User Input From Keyboard

Left click loops setup();
Right click pauses sketch
Enter a number to a different effect
Press enter to clear the current number

Rectangle Zipper

left click,right click, d,r or any key


A quick sketch/experiment with functions.

Circle Mess

Left click mouse to change size of circles.

Line Spacer

Just messing around with for loops and i created this.

Greater Than Four Circles

Hold L key for lines
Right Click to Pause
Left click to rerun setup

Fuzz Screen

There's also some neat effects when Modulo is used.
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