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R2D2 and his friends got lost! They are now trying to find their way back home.


Revised version of Assignment#5 (Mango Lookbook slide show)
- Linear Motion for the viewer to discover one picture after the other.
- could have done a Random Motion apparition of pictures. But I preferred the Circular Motion after trying the other for a while. I thought the "viewing experience" was smoother and enjoyable.
(Also added a clickable logo)


This sketch is a slideshow from selected outfits from Spanish clothing retailer Mango's New LookBook.

The idea was to use the collage idea form the assignment in the advertising industry.

The unusual size of the sketch aims to give it a modern and neat look.

DESMA28 Assignment#3: "The Psycho
Girlfriend Thriller"

Psycho Girlfriend ('the ellipse') strikes again! Unlucky guy ('the square') desperately tries to run away. Click on the ellipse to give the square a chance to succeed.

DESMA28 Interactivity - Workshop#2

Select a crop of El Lissitzky's Proun, Street Decoration Design and draw it within Processing as a 640 x 360 pixel program. First select an interesting/ambitious crop, then draw it on graph paper and/or load it into a program such as Photoshop or Illustrator to read the color and coordinate data. Use integer values for coordinates and only use the following functions for geometry: line(), triangle(), quad(), rect(), ellipse(), arc(), and beginShape(), endShape(), vertex(). The goal for this workshop is to translate the image into code.
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