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A basic reverse engineering of Casey Reas's agent-based programming. A good start for anyone trying to experiment with this type of generative system.

MouseX controls speed, click to restart

For more details, see Casey Reas's compendium


simple generative sketch where we deform a circle

Seashell Generator

An interfacing for generating 3d meshes of mollusk seashells. See

Experiment with the parameters and click "Update" to see changes. Scroll mouse to zoom in/out, and click-drag to rotate the shell.


Classic recursive subdivision algorithm -- rectangle is randomly partitioned into two, subsequent rectangles again partitioned randomly, and so on.

Random star generator

Random generative star maker. click the space bar or hit "new one" to generate a new one. For more info about the algorithm, go to:

Vertex Rivers

Paint blob rivers following randomized vertex field. click the mouse to generate a new one.

Self-organizing map

An implementation of a self-organizing map for clustering image color data.
Some more info on this can be found at:


Lines emerge from the center of the screen, gradually becoming noisier as they fade out


generative kaleidoscopes made by repeatedly drawing the same spiral shape over two nested levels of rotational symmetry


Simple program connecting noisy lines into accordion-looking things
followed by


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