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Joseph Moore

Button Writer

A way to choose letters and write with just a potentiometer and button. Also works with left & right arrows and spacebar.

Prime Waves OSC

A sketch visualizing a graph of all integers in relation to prime numbers, with sound as each wave crosses the axis. By Joseph Moore & Tiam Taheri.

Spinning Shapes

Assignment #3 for CCLab at the Parsons MFA D+T program.

Assignment 2

My HW for this week. I didn't get the trails or a perfect parabola in the arms, but everything else is pretty close. Move up & down with up & down arrows.

Polygon Aquarium

An app that gives you a contained environment to play god with your polygonal creatures. Create or kill the little geometric bastards, and toy with the circumstances that will change their very DNA. Also, makes music on collision (when you don't have too many of them on the screen or the frame rate too high).


A digital ball of yarn (completed correct exercise)

Freedom from Tyranny

I just removed the logic that was stopping the figure from being drawn when you drag the controller. Original sketch by Tiam Taheri.

Rainbow Racers

Which exhausted racer will make it to the finish line first?

(Updated with custom messages from each winner)

Rainbow Racers

Which color of the rainbow will win?

Alien Spider Monster Buffet

Click to send your evil web of death down upon the delicious unsuspecting people below.

Pong (Extreme)

My first game in Processing.

Pong (Extreme)

My first complete game in Processing.


One pice of a mosaic the rest of my classmates will complete.
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