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ball bearing

I`m always confused with translate, rotate ...


a bird, a very shy plant and some more things still in preparation.
now updated with a looping - try a mouseclick.

automatic abstract expressionism :)

two balls and two obstacles are painting for us.
mouseclick to restart

bubble chamber 2

some little changes in the sketch "bubblechamber"- mousebutton clears the screen.


watch an electric charged particle in a magnetic field, that splits into two new particles - or just watch the patterns.
mouseclick clears the sreen

steering on a curve

click the mouse to try different curves. More explanation at the top of the code.

traffic lights

I used my sketch 6989 - it simulates the traffic at a crossing - to produce the pictures of the traffic lights in the night. Added some rotate(), mixed speed with color and here it is:

at the crossing

A little traffic simulation, made as a study about the basics of OOP.
There are three important rules:
- brake if there is a slow car ahead,
- wait at the crossing, if there is a car coming from the right side.
- don´t turn left, if there is a car on the opposite lane.
Thanks to the friendly people in the forum, who helped me with the ArrayList stuff.
17.1.: update with with an improved display-method.

birds gathering

Nearly the same code as visualID=6718, now producing shorter and stronger lines. They remember me of birds gathering in the autumn.
Use "A", "a" and especially "r" and "R". Mouseclick restarts.

a sketches resurrection

I used an old sketch( with particles moving around and connecting now to produce a texture like a drawing with a pencil.
Use "a", "A", "r" and "R" - mouseclick restarts.


This is about building an alarm system with mirrors and a laser.
The sketch will explain.
I didn´t calculate the reflection angels and the length of the beams.
I made an array which stores the different directions according to the position of the mirrors and the incoming beams.
I didn´t draw the beams as "line", but made them point by point, checking if a mirror is reached.

the magic well

click the mouse to produce waves.
press 1,2,3 or 4, to get different color-effects.

the swinging grid

it's fun the traer- physics library.
Click your mouse over the grid - holding the buttons increases effects.

turn-turn-turn in a box (update)

Add turning objects with a mouseclick. Now everything stays inside the screen. Some random behaviour added to prevent closed loops.

Monsieur Fourier

If you know some math, you will remember Monsieur Fourier (looking at the x or y-values as
Fourier series from 0 to anzahl), otherwise just enjoy the movements.
On start the sketch chooses one of eight possible movements.

Fischernetz 2

Move the grid with your mouse(buttons pressed). This is an update of ID5987, now with colour depending on the distortion of the rectangles. Press a key to reset.


Click the mouse to add more turning objects...

a stone in the aquarium

Circles spreading like a wave spreading from the starting point and reflected at the borders.
....Now here`s an update: the reflected waves are reflected again..
(and it is even simpler)

strange slideshow

Messing around with the pixel array
starts a strange slideshow.
Give it some seconds to develop
nice colours!

Fischernetz Nr.2

Second version of the grid (visualID=5985) being stretched by the force of the mouse.
Now with a memory effect. It stays wrinkled.


watch the randomized patterns - variations of a 3x3-grid - mixing and producing new colours and forms.
press key 1 to 4, to see different colour-modes.

You never get it

Ab ball following an other one, but never getting it. Creates funny ornaments.


Little blue particles move around. If they get near, they connect building "molecules". I was inspired by some nice sketches like ID268 or ID 2600 to learn something about interacting
Mouseclick restarts.
In the code you can disable the limitation of only binding two particles. Nice too!
"A"-key enlarges the strength of the attractive force, "a" makes it smaller. "R" enlarges the range of the forces, "r" reduces it. "N" gives a higher number of particles, "n" a smaller number.

Let them dance

Click with left mousebutton, right button clears the window and sets new conditions for restart.
+ or - keys control visibility of the lines.

The Hunter Nr. 2

Black trying to catch white.
Improved version with a more randomized behaviour.

Domfenster - Cathedrals window

Do you know Gerhard Richters famous windows in Cologne Cathedral? Do it on your own :-)
Use your mouse and the r,g,b,i,m,a,k and s-keys!(red,green,blue, invert,mixing with neighbours,k=contrast,"Ausgleich"=leveling to grey and supermixer.

behind the mirror

Little balls running through the streets, being reflected by the blue mirrors. Flip the mirrors going over them with the mouse. Don't click.
Look and relax.
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