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hexagon pulse

a hexagon field expands as pulses are sent from the center

Love butterflies

A late Saint Valentine's day sketch which I didn't manage to upload it in time. Dedicated to all the people who believe in true love.

Move your mouse around to annoy the butterflies, left button to scatter them to random positions, and right button to send them to where they should be.

Circular segments

Some circles formed by rotating segments, which remind me a bit of the visualizations of chromosome transpositions I used to do...

Not very exciting by themselves, but maybe someone will want to use them as their "loading" screen for something cooler.

The version that uses arc() is much faster, but I left the old, manual version so that everyone can see what a terrible idea it was.


Some vines crawling around the canvas, with growing thickness and camera panning. Looks better with smooth on : )

In retrospective, this was probably inspired by Metamorphosis (, which was one of the first processing sketches I saw and was more than enough to convince me of how cool it was.

PS: This is probably not the most efficient approach - any ideas on how to make it better?


After watching 'Watchmen' I spent several days thinking about how to imitate the "rorschach" effect when I randomly came across . That version is more complete, prettier and better coded, but I was so amazed by the approach that I just had to try it myself...

Collapsing Spiral Galaxy

A particle galaxy that shrinks and then explodes to start again, in a very scientifically inaccurate mix between a spiral galaxy and the Big Bang.

Inspired by dotlassie's "Spiral Galaxy mutant" ( ), which was in turn based on Philippe Guglielmetti's "Spiral Galaxy" ( ), theirs are much prettier :-)

Use the arrow keys to modify some of the parameters that control the appearance of the galaxy.


Curved lines that grow and spawn other lines along the way. I'm almost positive I got the idea from something I saw on, but I can't find the original, please contact me if you know who the author is.

Left click to start a new line,
Right click to clear and start a new line
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