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Additive Synth

This is part of a submission a coursework assignment. Further details available here:

It is an additive synth built using Minim and ControlP5. It has a bank of 10 independently configurable waves that are added together to form the final output.

The assignment was to make a sketch that demonstrates one or more principles of audio perception, and i have used the presets to set some of these up.

Thanks go 'Bustup' for his help in this thread:

Drawing sketch

This was an assignment for a course I'm taking. The brief was to create a drawing app with 3 brushes: a standard opaque brush, a transparent brush and a 'mix brush' that paints performs a logical AND on the selected colour and the existing background colour.

Up and down cursors change the brush size.

3D Sphere sculptures

This sketch was an assignment for a course I'm taking. It allows you to create a 3D form from a lattice of spheres.

The code is pretty ugly, but it does what I needed (part of what I gained from this is a much better understanding of how to structure code!). Some functionality has been removed, such as loading and saving sculptures as it didn't like working as an applet. I have also reduced the number of columns and rows as as applet, as P3D was struggling compared to openGL.

Texture Tunnel

Playing with texturing, i came up with the idea for this sketch. It is most effective if you put the mouse in the sketch and wait for it to 'spin up', and then you can get some interesting effects making small mouse movements.

Vector attractors

Just been revising vectors, and came up with the idea for this sketch
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