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some rendered output /w supercollider sound:

Online radio

Live radio experiments, enjoy!

Powered by great project

It should be online 24/7 now, streaming from raspberrypi *

Please accept certificate if asked.

(edit) For livecoding online performances /w group called Kolektiv listen every sunday 9pm (CET), feel free to feedback @ channel #Kolektiv

* update: raspberry somehow died, this is not very sustainable, if you came back later you may be lucky to find some live stream))

Color wheel

This was originally made to test some fps recognition abilities, best viewed in full 60fps (P2D).

Does anyone mentioned that processing 2+ no longer supports higher fps in sketch?

How big is universe?

Theoretically speaking the size of universe differs among us, the older you are the bigger your universe became. There are some computations.

If we can count that the very first light ray you have ever seen is a point zero then..

last number is ..fascinating ratio

Self stabilizing study

Random study on self-stablizing system..

ASKL Music Generator

Please accept certificate..

Gain focus to applet.

Use a,s,k,l keys to construct theorem..

backspace == backspace
delete == remove all

Enjoy patterns! )

Asemic Waveform

The more I study sound the more it fascinates me.. this is raw idea of transposing an *asemic system* into a waveform.. more precisely, its X and Y coordinates separately into both audio channels..

MouseX controls a frequency

..there are still some glitches (in applet version) probably due to low framerate.. you can download sketch and set a P2D renderer to smooth this out


I really can't remember who did this, having the picture of painting as a wallpaper for ages now..

It is originally op-art painting (around 60's), if it reminds you something, please help identify it

*original picture*:

(google image search algorithm fails completely at this))

Petri Dish

Another flock study, breeding geometrical patterns based on shared *direction generators*. Brownian-like movement. Entities constrained into a shape of dish.

One Button Presidental Speech Writer

This applet is designed for future U.S. presidents. It uses sort of Markov chains algorithm to generate a text.

By single click (or hitting ENTER) you can construct your own presidental speech easily! ;)

As CLICK already contains some decision, which can be disturbing for user, we should consider removing this option completely.

The source of the words is a text file, containing about 10 past full U.S. President speeches (until Ronald Regan).

You have to wait a little when applet starts.. generating of database is not multi-threaded.

There is still no punctuation..


Ulam Spiral

Messing with Ulam spiral, quite interesting mathematical phenomenon.

Flusser's magic imaginery

Wonderful speech of Vilém Flusser (1920 - 1991), very systematically illustrated))

880 hz beep marks the recording loop (recording had been edited)


(it may take some time to load)


Some more studies on image analysis, trying different techniques. Early phases are slightly better I think.

(click mouse to reset)

Impermanent Thorought

Random derivation of earlier sketch

Topology of fluid thorought.

..and following postproducted iteration:

Deep sea

Illusive space, imaginary organism from the depths.


Just a few simple rules, iterated, rotated, repeated.. beware, it can randomly cause sudden enlightenment )


.. many different constellations, some of them are quite interesting.

Visual encryption

Visual representation of words, tool for creating geometrical patterns which can be considered as encrypted language.

Type something.
(gain focus first)

Press ENTER to hide / show the key.

Color Study

Oscillation, wavelengths, light..


Sorry for bad timing and screwed vsync in browser.. all is bit out of tune, so it is probably better viewed elsewhere.

Little Machines

Some random crowding study..

Click to follow other machine.

Generic Vertebrate

This fancy spine-some worm uses a series of 3D matrix transformations and rotations. You may find bit hard to understand matrices, especially if you had very little math in school.. like myself.

In general this gives processing great power to handle wide range of transformations and what is the best to store and apply more at once.

For some basic insight I suggest reading:

I will try to bring some parsed and rigged mesh soon.. just when I have some time to dig in fully.

Draw 3D

Drawing in 3D is quite problematic, this is raw conception how it could be achieved, the possibilities are fairly limited..

RIGHTDRAG = rotate
SPACE = erase

Hold both buttons together to create circular-like shapes in space.


Wait for a while.. it slowly reveals itself.

System Parody

Media hijack.. it would be funny to make small linux distro on usb thumb running X server plus this sketch by default in fullscreen. But it would be quite, well, evil. ))

Textured terrain

Example of computing normals per vertex / smooth shading (instead of processing default, normal per face). Terrain generator with textured output.

Press any key to generate new elevation map.

Multi Gravity

System which tends to stabilize itself, the more particles you add the more complex orbital system you will probably observe.

Red dot marks a center of gravity of all computed particles. When it starts creating some patterns, the system is very close to stadium of self-stabilization (synchronized cycles).

10+ particles takes often hours (if not forever) to create any *visible* patterns..

**(it is to consider, in which scale we call things already patterns by giving them any name)

Test new Android version:

Coding flock

Another live session capture.. (it is starting to be kind of code fetish :D ).. quick flocking system. (Session speedup 3x)

TTY Star Wars

As @bitcraft suggested before, there is a Processing player implementation for legendary Simon Jansen's Star Wars Episode IV remake in pure ASCII art.

The A++ movie (textie) is not complete here (has already 3.3 megs), it is playing from captured file from original telnet translation made by Sten Spans.

Other movie credits also goes to Mike Edwards for terrifying *terminal effects*, the rest is just processing fun emulating the vt100 terminal console (historically incorrect).

Please excuse the connection gitches.

Check full original here:


TTY Video test

Made by hasciicam by Jaromil and ttyrec. may take some time to load


This is very *meta* sketch. Program called ttyrec captures a born of ttyrec file processing parser.. you can see that the code actually contains some errors.. but it captures real mind-flow from very beginning of the whole concept.

TODO: visible cursor, vt100 colors

It works with any ttyrecord file ;)

Visual Gravity

Little experiment with image analysis. The result is quite creepy.

Route Planning

Inspired by Ken Perlin's applet
trying to reconstruct an idea of route planning in more interactive manner.

Solutions are still imperfect.

Learning Machine

Another try to give machine an ability to learn. Left image is an original one which is processed by a kind of neural-like structure (schematics below). Right image displays a reconstruction map of its current memory.

Note after some observation, there is an interesting fact that the initial setup of network (see TAXONOMY int[]) do not alter the results so dramatically, even with a quite low amount of "neurons".

Code is quite messy now.

Logartihmic Dynamics 4

Visually polished variant of previous logarithmic experiments... so it is no. 4 now?

there is a TV skrew version as well:

Van Gogh's Turbolences

Heavily inspired by Vincent van Gogh's windy paintings, trying to recreate the feel of its dynamics.

Tower of Babel

Inspired by legendary "Tower of Goo" game, written and drawn in one Sunday afternoon.

How high you can build?


Dead-simple tool for creating melodies. Scale contains just "white piano keys".

Tv Hack

Hacking on TV stream live.


Please accept certificate and wait for a while until applet is loaded (1.9 MB).

The applet use GStreamer library by Andrés Colubri, to deliver an online video stream, then classical "slit scan" is applied, tested on Linux only.

Melancholic Variations

Minim-BETA Unit Generators (UGens) are wonderful code to play with. (thanks to Damien Di Fede)

This is a pseudo-random melancholy generator, better speakers or headphones are well-advised, enjoy.

Sphere Deformations

Manual construction of sphere object.. some deformations and effects were added.


A/V wave interference synthesis.

(please accept the certificate if asked)


Multiple n-gons creates an illusion of circle. Geometry can be perfect just when it is not perceived.

Thanks to Martin Blazicek for his inspiring misinterpretation.

Isometric Contour Lines

Terrain generator which creates contours out of marching Perlin's noise.

It is probably not the most elegant way to do this.. it works somehow.

Modified full 3d version:

Perlin noise study

Three dimensional perlin-noise study.


Some kind of color representation of wavelengts mapped on trigonometrical functions, values which represents colors should be relatively accurate, so it could simulate a kind of color dispersion.

Vassarely's Zebras

One of my favorite painting by Victor Vassarely in motion.

Heurestic GA

I was watching some lectures for students here who reproduced parametrically Kandinsky's paintings.. they made it well, but it was bit frustrating to me.

Interesting problem for genetic algorithm.. the method used here is described as stochastic brute-force model..

It reminds me a story of unlimited amount of monkeys writing Shakespeare's play in unlimited amount of time.

Results are not so accurate so far.

(maybe it needs another algorithm to optimize it's settings, well, then probably another one to optimize such optimizer, then it is easier to just redraw it ..)

Logarithmic Dynamics 3

Series continues.. some trigonometric particle influence and interactive aspects added.

Logartihmic Dynamics 2

Logarithmic forces applied to a particle field, this one slightly differs in few parameters from previous one, study continues ...

Logarithmic Dynamics

Early study of logarithmic dynamics.

Radial Blur

Raw implementation of Quasimondo radial blur /w polar projection.

Knowledge Welding

Original painting by Victor Vasarely (1964) is driven by algorithm written by Raven Kwok and optimized with fast inverse square root originally probably written by John Carmack.

..then there are about few hundreds of thousands more names related..

and then..


Imagine the life as a strange consequence of one thermonuclear reaction.

Brainfuck live Interpreter

Tiny interpreter for great esoteric language from 93' named "Brainfuck" by Urban Muller.

There is something deeply poetic about this programming language. It consist of eight characters only.

< > + - . , [ ]

Coding it is pure evil. Here you can watch the live code interpretation..

it would be nice to implement whole processing into this language, in the name of simplification ))


*the sketch is unfinished (editor is still not working properly)

Tiny IRC

Experimenting with little IRC client in processing.

+ geo-location database API

+ Plate Carrée (Equirectangular map projection) mapping from real world coordinates to actual pixels (not so accurate)

+ homebrew lo-fi IRC server

It is early prototype, it may be buggy,
ask the MESH for more info...

Constructivist poster generator

Click to generate another number.

(01, 242, 425 are my most favorite)

Data Dada

Any program which is reading it's source code is my favorite metaphor for helpless human efforts to understand the meaning of life.

a good illustration of such helplessness:

(notice the number of references at very bottom, it seems you can probably find the answer.. elsewhere)

Site Unseen (study)

A study for a visualization of track named *Site Unseen* from album Matter of Mind by Kadet Kuhne.

It may take some time to download (3MB).

Collab Painting

Little experiment with an ability to save image outside the server ..saving to my home server >> http socket + little php script.

*Please accept certificate

LEFT MOUSE drag to paint

RIGHT MOUSE click to change color


collection is growing here:

Pythagorian Worlds

Inspired by Pete Hipwell's Sine Dive

You will not probably reach full 100 fps.. it is not very polite to your system to set this, but it can be very alive sketch then, enjoy!

Neural Caravan

Pretty complex flocking system is exploring the *continuum*

500 entities in post-production video version.

System Fail (the game)

It is funny game.. the reality is not.

If you are in any of these countries right now:

Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Iran, Libya, The Maldives, Nepal, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.. (?)

You should use at least this.

Should we?

The numbers of official statistics are *suspiciously low* considering one-billion country. User data requests are unavailable.


just a chain of XORs subsequently applied on booleaned image

Eye trap

It can be painful to watch this sketch.. probably because of some rapid eye movements.. caused by brain's attempts to stabilize an image information.. it is also causing this text is *waving* afterwards .. )

(try to move your head forward and backward slightly to see /\ \/ patterns)

Tatlin's dreamt monument

Recycled older sketch, altering JPEG data live, producing classical glitch deconstruction aesthetics on-fly.

Anything considered ideal, contains at least one error ...

Data are so fragile, single byte different inside compressed image and see what happens..

The future ideas are not going to last for next 100 years, no more in this era.

untitled Homage to Zdeňek Sýkora

Small tribute to great "Czechoslovak" abstract painter Zdeňek Sýkora (1920 - 2011)ěk_Sýkora


European demography

Mapping the data from official resources (EuroStat) reveals some dramatical demographic differences across European countries (+/- EU).. the map illustrate total amount of graduated (University) citizens per population per country.

data grabbed form this source

Mouse-click to cycle trough years (2001-2010)

Geometrie (studie 1)

Series of studies for exhibition called Geometrie @ GVUN
Gallery of Fine Arts in Nachod, Bohemia (May 2012)

robot free fall

..if AI is capable of problem solving, you need to define problem first!

Have you ever tried to think how your body is actually moving? ..sure it is moving way you have learned.. it is more than unnoticed.. just try for a moment to describe move by move your hand picking up a cup of coffee by words.. in fact, it is very difficult to describe a millions of decent movements which has to be done to do such *simple task*, there is completely no logics involved in this process, quite clearly..

so called Artificial Inelligence and all it's hidden processes is wonderful logical hypocrisy..

Basic skeletal animation

Very basic BVH parser.. (y-inverted space) + dummy forward kinematics animation achieved by applying de-synchronized oscillations on relative joint rotation.

Live Map Paint

drag mouse to paint texture

right click to erase

Blind Wanderer

This sketch is cheating a lot..

It uses a real 3d model generated with great opensource project

The model is imported via SAITO and Matt Diton's OBJLoader library

Animation is achieved by applying Perlin's noise. This is tricky, but resulting the slight movement an illusion of man stepping.

Atmosphere is created by combining Quasimondo's superfast blurring algorithm

and set of pixel filters..


Justinus Krener's natural poetry



Graph is a kind of theory, artificial perspective, a projection of human into raw data.

Live Montage!

Hand-less made film by Ken Perlin, Dziga Vertov and You.

Edgar Allan

an ode to quote edgar

.. it is probably as interactive as Poe himself was

Calm Flow

There is probably a silence, somewhere between sinus and cosinus.


It is time to celebrate a famous man, wonderful living artifact from history of video art. Woody Bohuslav Vasulka!

"original" video in *Artifacts*:

Blue Harmonograph

harmonograph variation blue

Green Harmonograph

geomety abstraction, green variation

sonified version /w wonderful DIN synthetiser by S. Jagannathan:



this program has been written under heavy influence of itself to its creator.. please do not ask me what the hell it is ))

octopus reloaded

highly experimental neuro-net inspired by asemic writing machine by Brian Pollock:

Octopus (N..pus)

Neural network driven organism. It reacts on impulses shown on background, red impulse means complete index shift of whole reacting pattern.. in random arranged system it means complete reset of sustained values.

You can slightly interact with NPus by dragging mouse moving one of it's tentacle (red one).

Frequency Analysis

Text visualization tool. Each letter has different size mapping according to position in charset.

Déjà Vu

Fake isometric projection and dummy 3D sprite animation. The motion not fitting the grid.. and it is complete waste of time. Simply, yeah, I love this sketch.

Use arrow keys to move the cube (gain focus first).

Kofian Motion

Asynchronized oscillators are affecting the separate plotter coordinates.

All of the plotters has (more less) different combination of source oscillators.

Click to reset simulation.

Another flocking system

Click to cast some creatures. The more entities you cast the more slow simulation gets (exponential). Final possible count of entities depends on your HW.

Left click to cast entities
Right click to attract entities

Lead worms

Decision-less entities, strictly keeping the rules, turning everything into lead.

Perception Shifting

Be careful, this code can cause balance disorder.. please beware longer observation.


Live input vizualisation, may not work in particular cases. Please accept the certificate and try to adjust your mic volume levels first.


Ani library testing.

yup, something went wrong millis() ???...

Neuro Patterns

One rule, different alignment, unlimited possibilities of patterns.

NeuralNet 3rd Dim

Three dimensional reconstruction of earlier model.

RIGHTCLICK == reset network


Architectural freeform design tool for generating three-dimensional shapes. Export function has been removed due to online functionality.


Famous painting Girl With a Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer, decomposed into set of 5000 colors.


All the patterns you observe, are mind generated illusions. Simply, nothing can happen twice.. ever.. but play it again :)


Ellipses --> Sphere.

Waltz of Determinism

Lindenmayer system in elegant dialogue with Perlin's one.. Let's dance a waltz with mathematics.


Media hacking. Fully scripted 8mm frame, it just reveals how present visual culture becoming more and more bizarre. (can be slow)

Hardcoded Pixels

Retro coding style; forgotten art of direct pixel manipulation.

Genome Flock Algorithm

Genetic wars of 'dna' code dominance on a group of instances. Each has unique code which is envovling and spreading over entities. Groups of similar genomes has a tendency to hold together to defend its genome.


..yes it works, well, good work openprocessing!
followed by


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