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Fibonacci Sphere

Original by Jim Bumgardner, tweaked to use cubes instead of points (also now js sketch). Looks better with vanilla processing version.


I translated this from a CF3 design by ColorMeImpressed, this is my first javascript sketch on open-processing.


Processing Textured Sphere example, beefed up to use ArcBall (the java code is not displayed here). Can't currently be viewed on line, works OK in browser if you download though. Choice of jupiter or the third stone from sun.


The Hemesh TwinIso example, modified to use retained shape functionality (VBO) with processing 2.0, works in browser, but not on this site, download to view. No source for retained hemesh library yet.

Retained Implicit Function

This sketch unfortunately will not currently run in the browser on this site, it does work offline though. It features the retained shape feature of processing 2.0. Novelty is I have applied it here to a toxiclibs sketch. Thumbnail was obtained using my povmesh library to export processing sketch to povray. Note the huge performance using retained shape properly.....


A somewhat frenetic menger disco variant.


Stochastic menger where a proportion of "cubes" are in fact spheres. Drag mouse to rotate cube, press 'x', 'y' or 'z' to constrain rotation to that axis. Features processing-2.0 (svn) alpha syntax, see code. Color looks somewhat different off-line for me, see thumbnail.


Revisited, updated ArcBall sketch for processing, features PVector and PShape (retained shape). Pressing x, y or z keys "constrains" rotation to that axis. Otherwise drag mouse to rotate (arcball) in and direction. Requires greater than processing-2.0a5 for colored faces . Doesn't work on-line anymore... Also you, can't see the java files included as part of the sketch.


Yet another menger, features use of processing 2.0 functions, namely PShape to store/retain graphics. Now uses PeasyCam, use mouse wheel to zoom, drag mouse to move camera.

Align Mesh Povray Export

A sketch that tests exporting from processing-2.0.a5, includes the export of toxiclibs mesh to povray mesh2 using a custom library. Original sketch by Karsten Schmidt. NB: use mouse to rotate mesh, export to
PovRAY is and "offline" function so you will need to download the sketch (included pov file designed for PovRAY-3.7). Get povmesh library here

3D Sierpinski

Features simple mouse wheel zoom, and new processing-2.06a PShape syntax
Mouse Wheel to zoom

Rod Hilbert

Features my LSystem library, and latest feature built in sin/cos lookup tables.
"+" increases depth
"-" decreases depth

Start depth = 2, MIN = 1, MAX = 4

Geodesic Dome (using LSystems)

+ to increase no of iterations.
- to reduce no of iterations.
Space-bar reset
Mouse Wheel to zoom
drag mouse to rotate.
Uses 'peasycam' and my 'lsystems' libraries

penrose rhombus tiling

Loosely based on a sketch by Geraldine Sarmiento, simplified by use of my custom library for details see sketch.

Kosmic Carpet

A further variant of Giles Whittakers plasma fractal

Magic Carpet

A variant of Giles Whitakers 'Plasma Fractal' which in turn he credits to Justin Seyster.
Color values calculated using bit shifting.

Bent Hilbert

LSystem hilbert with introduced error, to create that bent look!!

Partially filled radial tilings

Using vertex function to create partially filled radial tilings.

MPeano Fractal

Lots of LSystem rules, another from the Euclidean Salesman dept.
LSystem rules from a paper by Mariano, Moscato & Norman.

DavidTour fractal

LSystem Fractal, classic from Euclidean Travelling salesman problem.
PS depending on your display you may only see the part of the fractal, The actual shape is a star of David, is that why this is known as a David Tour?
LSystem rules from a paper by Mariano, Moscato & Norman.

Animated L-System

Adapted from by Mark Meyer, uses a custom lsystem library

3D Hilbert with LSystems

Now uses built in ArcBall utility for rotation and zoom
part of my LSystem library.
Increase fractal depth press '+'
Decrease depth press '-'
Max depth 5, use scroll-wheel to zoom, and drag the mouse to rotate.
followed by


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