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Twk: Lines_3

fixed the jump it had in the line length

No Ordinary Sand

Particles have floating point location and momentum but the collision detection is done using quantized space sand. Grains which collide impart momentum in an elastic collision.


Particle acceleration model combined with biomechanics model, hope your computer is fast enough.

Music to go with it:

Inspired by “unnamed soundsculpture” by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer


This is a binocular application. Cross your eyes to see it in 3D.


Press any key to strike drum.

Linear Elastic Solid

Explicit Linear Dynamic simulation using Voigt notation for a solid.


Click the string to pluck it. Right Click to dampen/create harmonics. Right and Left arrows change pickup location.


Physics based simulation of a musculoskeletal system.

Inner Tube

Internal pressure is calculated from volume change. Force is calculated from polygon area to prevent the donut hole from dominating.


Nodes elements and polygons are generated from a refined icosahedron. Internal pressure is calculated based on volume change.


Area of Polygon, Centroid of Polygon, Point in Polygon Test: all taken from wiki. Force Field Within Polygon: derived from scratch.


Does any one else think the Pangea idea is a little half baked?

Truncated Icosahedron

Elements are faces with angular position and momentum. Nodes are routed to elements manually.

Another Pendulum

A reconciliation of the very frustrating version by Etsav Maths QT2010 "Kind of pendulum"


I had just watched "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

Reflective Spheres

A ray is traced from each pixel and reflects off a sphere. The ray is then retraced recursively until it hits the background.


Press q, w, e, a, s, d to change the sponge size. Press ' ' to reset.


1-10 changes the iteration rate. Space resets the sponge.

Vector Spin

Utilizes a vector small angle approximation method I developed to rotate vectors in 3 dimensions.

Fuji Car

mouseY = accelerator, mouseX = steering wheel, space = flip car. Topo data analyzer by Kyle McDonald:

Shape Spring VI

Left Mouse – Draw Shape,
Right Mouse – Drag Shape,
Space Bar – Remove Shape,

Close shapes by ending at the line start.

Special thanks to bejoscha for lighting a fire under my but with his versions, Shape Spring IV & V.


Hit "space bar" to change the texture.

War Sim

Press SPACE to reset.
This is a complicated simulation of a melee war.
Warriors attack the closest enemy.
If a warrior is attacked he will defend himself.
"Zealot" is the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment.


Left Click to Burn Thrusters, Hold Mouse Right to Zoom

Rocket copied from a sketch by blindfish.
followed by


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