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The US is bleeding

I converted this Python based tutorial ( into this Processing app.

(Feb 2010) : I have updated the dataset to include the last quarter, things aren't getting better (and don't I know it!).

House of Commons Response Rate 2007

This is a treemap of the UK MP's response rate to email sent to them via I took the data from website (the latest they had, two months ago). I had the idea from Ben Fry's books Visualising Data in which he uses Ben Shneiderman's Treemap software (which I have also utilised)

To drill into the data Left Mouse on the Party which will take you in a level. To return a level, or more, Right Mouse Click. To add the size of the boxes represent the response rates of the parties, group or individual. As an example Labour hav

UK Weather since 1914

I have tried to visualise the data from: (British Met Office)

I wanted an easy way to read this data (Rain, temp, and amount of sunshine). I also hoped to see some interesting results (i.e. something like the hockey stick...), this isn't the case. You can drag the year to your interest. Also the left and right arrows allow you to look at future and previous years.Interested in getting some feedback. It is a little slow, apologies. You can use left and right arrows.

Visualising a Peat Bog in 3D

Please be patient, the code has to cache the data before presenting you with anything. I am
using data provided from Professor Andrew Baird's model "Growing a peat bog in your computer"

Visualising a Peat Bog in 2D

Please be patient, it has to cache data files before presenting you with anything. Using the data provided from Professor Andrew Baird's model "Growing a peat bog in your computer".
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