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Clap Your Hands

press the space bar to catch the ball. choose your timing wisely.

Clap Your Hands (In Progress)

press the space bar to catch the ball. you only have one chance so choose your timing wisely.

parameterized (de)construction

scroll left to right to construct and deconstruct. press the space bar to see the pre-deconstructive phase.

The Shepherd Boy

A non-linear story based on two Aesop's Fable stories (The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf + Mercury and the Woodman).

Pattern Selector

Click to randomly select and match different patterns together.

Hold down "i" (inverse) and click to inverse the colors of the background and text.

Project 2

The idea comes from the axis of rotation in the universe - the planets rotating around the sun.

move around to make the pupils follow.
click the mouse to make the rotating ellipses flash.
scroll over the pupils to make them bigger (reminiscent of a black hole).

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