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Carson Russell

Beat Drawing Machine

Temper Trap - Fader (Jakwob Remix)

Braitenburg Bog Turtles

source code borrowed from Yanni Loukissas' Braitenburg Vehicles & updated to run on current build of Processing

Assignment 7.2 ALT

This is a rough draft of something that could be used to create an aesthetic for the DArts Cart. The black fields would be cut through, and the lines would be scored.

Assignment 7.2

Gold Dust

Uses KickParticles and SnareParticles to regenerate during respective with the beat of the song. The levels from the song determine the thresholds of the velocity.

Beat and Level Drawing Machine

Bassnectar - Magical World (feat. Nelly Furtado)

press 'm' to unmute

HSB Infection

Modified CYMK drawing machine + HSB to audio output. The mouse location reads the pixel color information and outputs a tone based on the brightness and saturation. Frequency = brightness& Amplitude = saturation.

Solar System

Solar system rotation with arrays

Color Analysis

3D representation of RGB color values of a photograph

MacKay Lyons house generator


Arrow Keys = roof corner coordinates

i and o = number of windows / window spacing

w a s d = x and y position of windows

k and l = x coordinate for door


Colorful scribbles y'all.

Racing Circles

The lines illustrate where the mouseX input becomes effective in speeding up the circles.

Simple Interactive Scene

Brian is the reason we have a summer.

Colorful Shapes

Ellipses of various colors

Simple Animation

Ellipse drawn from x value.

Assignment 2.1

Simple reproduction of part of a Stuart Davis painting.
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