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Drift 0.21

DRIFT is a free interactive tool for creating degenerative motion art in realtime, based on raster graphics, such as images or photos. With the mouse or touchpad, users can interactively set and resize the area on the uploaded image. When clicked, the tool creates a shape based on class Form and copies the image from the selected area into it. Next, the algorithm animates the shape by constantly repeating it on the canvas, moving and changing it based on parameters from the Form and Animation sections.
Scroll on the touchpad with two fingers or use a mouse + RMB to select an area on the image. Click on the canvas to start the animation. Press H to display help with basic usage and shortcuts - I highly recommend checking it out! For a quick start, you can use ready-made Presets (you can also make and save your own) and random images from Unsplash. Have fun ;)
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