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Dracula Walks at Night; battles Frank, while the hero hides

Click in front of hero, to move him (and get the gold).
*** ? key should display this (but Openprocessing does not work) "Get hero to walk by clicking near him (but not too close)." "Get treasure for points, but avoid monsters!" "Witch crosses moon, steals treasure! (Click her eye, to reverse direction.)" "Hero is safe in house, but loses points." " +/- Faster frame rate." " = Pause." " q Quit." " !" *** The "!" key should display CHEAT CODES: D,C,F,L,M,N,T,U,V,W,Z, U,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT"
{{$t('',["mouse, keyboard"])}}
{{$t('',["visualization, fractal, mouse"])}}
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