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  • declarationOfIndependence.pde
  • import wordcram.*;
    size(800, 500);
    nice serifs: Cochin, AveriaSerif-Regular, Didot
    scripts: Apple-Chancery, Cochin-Italic (a bit too straight)
    PFont averia = createFont("AveriaSerif-Regular.ttf", 1);
    PFont janeAusten = createFont("JaneAust.ttf", 1);
    new WordCram(this)
      .withFonts(averia, janeAusten)
      .withColors(#B20E0E, #0E12B2)


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    Dan Bernier

    WordCram: U.S. Declaration Of Independence

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    For July 4, a WordCram from the United States' Declaration of Independence.

    AveriaSerif-Regular (http://iotic.com/averia/)
    Jane Austen (http://www.dafont.com/jane-austen.font)

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