Teaching coding has
never been more creative.

As a perfect next-step to Scratch, introduce students to creative coding with the intuitive class platform on OpenProcessing.


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  • Create a beautiful hub for your class to invite your students and code together.
  • Get notified of student submissions, review code, mark up, and comment with ease.
  • Hide source code or change privacy options to create challenging assignments.
  • Inspire your students with thousands of open source projects by the community. Show how to read others’ code, create forks, and give attribution.
  • Take a guided tour to see it all in action.

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  • Chromebook/Mac/PC
  • Tablet

We took care of the boring, so that...

You can teach what really matters:
logic, variables, loops, conditionals, and ideas.

From the idea to the first line of code in seconds

Our distraction-free code editor requires no downloads or setups. Only your creativity and your marker. Take a Tour

  • Code in the browser, including Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets. Simply write your code and press Play.
  • Use html, css, javascript or java. Teach your own APCSA or APCSP cirruculums or use one of our templates.
  • Create step-by-step tutorials with text, images, video, and GIFs. View Example
  • Collaborate live with students. Let them watch as you type and jump in to code together.
  • With a single click, enable libraries to add video, sound, gravity, or interactivity using face or hands.
  • Review student work, highlight code and comment. View how they progressed with version history.
  • Take a guided tour to see our code editor in action.

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Join the world’s leading academic institutions
using OpenProcessing.

"OpenProcessing is a great teaching tool and I use it as a key environment in my creative coding classes at NYU. Students get up and running immediately, coding in the browser without having to worry about installations and setup."
"OpenProcessing has been an excellent web-based creative coding tool for my students who all have Chromebooks and need to program in the browser!"

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  • Create unlimited classes & sketches
  • Give free Plus+ Membership to all your students
  • 1 GB file space for each student
  • Compliant with FERPA, COPPA, GDPR regulations
  • Set code-level privacy options
  • Hide source code to challenge students
  • Slideshows to present class projects to parents and school
  • Enable external libraries with a single click
  • Clone class easily for a new semester
  • Review student progress with code version history
  • Priority live customer service

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