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'd this week

Nodes that have their own behaviors. They may push or pull each other, connect, kill or give birth, based on position, color, and who knows.

Define these set of rules and press Play to watch these particles live their fascinating yet random lives.

Particle Systems

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    Take a data point, assign it to a color or size of a shape. Position it on the canvas based on its relation to another data point.

    When all is said and done, let the visualizations reveal the hidden patterns and tell the story behind the data.

    Data Visualization

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      Create characters, define game dynamics, and you got yourself a sketch with villain square taking revenge while shooting lasers with unlimited life.

      Creating games is one of the most fun ways to explore object oriented programming and multi-user interactions on the same canvas.

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        What happens when mouse cursor moves, or you wave your hand to the camera?

        These sketches experiment with digital painting ideas that uses custom brushes instead of putting paint on canvas.

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